Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Not Eating That

Here's an interesting link I found earlier today:

Fed Up With Lunch

It's a website created by a Chicago school-worker who secretly ate school lunch for an entire year, photographed her meals, and then blogged about them.

She's creating quite a stir in the community, advocating for nutritional school lunch reform.
Here's a write up in the Chicago Sun Times.
And here's the link to her Flickr with all the photos! Look at those hamburgers!

When I was in elementary school there was nothing I loved more than square pizza. The more ranch dressing to dip it in the better. But looking at the pictures, school lunch has gone beyond grease. We've moved to shrink-wrapped, plastic covered, chemically modified territory.

Correlations between hormonal development in young girls and boys and chemically altered foods have often provided scary and unsettling results. In the majority of schools that Femi Memorial Outreach partners with, 90% of students are on the Free Lunch program. That means that not only are these lunches our student's only options, but they are also meals these children think are reasonable and normal to eat. Students learn all kinds of things at school-- one of them seems to be poor eating habits.

What should we do? Get involved with the Healthy Schools Campaign?

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