Friday, February 15, 2013

Presidents' Day History

     As we take this Monday away from school and work this February 18th, it is important to understand the true meaning of Presidents' Day. The holiday was established in 1885 in order to commemorate President George Washington and was originally known as "Washington's Birthday". George Washington was born on February 22nd but as the Holiday evolved, it has been moved from the 22nd to be celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. This change was made due to the 1971's Uniform Monday Holiday Act which focused on creating more three-day weekends for workers.

President George Washington
    After this shift in the Holiday's date, many parts of the nation began to celebrate Washington's Birthday in relation with Abraham Lincoln's birthday February 12th. In combining the two President's celebrations, many people found it unfair to call the holiday "Washington's Birthday". So, in 1971 Richard Nixon claimed the day to officially occur on the third Monday of February and it would pay respect to all Presidents.
Presidents' Day is a day to celebrate our country and the achievements of all of our past and present chief executives. Many people show their respect in performing reenactments, holding celebrations, and much more. Each state holds celebration for important Presidents in their personal history, and the day is meant to spread information on the history of the Presidency in the United States.

     We hope that you truly enjoy your day off on Monday, but encourage you to take some time to look into our nation's history and take time to celebrate the accomplishments of the President's and the country. Without these leaders, nearly all of the unique aspects of being an American would not be. Thank our nation's leaders and celebrate in what way you see most fit. We will do the same.

A very Happy President's Day to all of our readers.

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