Monday, September 16, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

Well, you see…It seems like they’ve done it again! The role models just seem to never fail us and keep on surprising us each and every time. Now I know you’ve heard about the new Miss America, right? Wait…is that a yes or no? Because if you haven’t, what rock do you live under? Anyway, judging that we all have seen or heard about the Miss America pageant the other day, we must discuss, right? First, let’s just start off by giving a round of applause to the new Miss America, Nina Davuluri! *And the crowd goes wild*

Wow! Nina Davuluri is our new Miss America. Femi Memorial Outreach Fund couldn’t be any more proud to learn this. Even though she is going to be working even harder, carrying out the daily duties and the honorable title of Miss America, we think she will do great. Now, based on previous pageant history, Nina Davuluri is the first, I mean The First Miss America of Indian descent. This is great and such a huge deal! This comes to show that America equals diversity. While the other contestants and runner-ups were amazingly stunning and did great (and I’m sure they are great role models), this just shows a lot of young girls, who don’t really have role models in their lives, that anything is possible. With positivity, support and hard work, you can get there. Nina Davuluri couldn’t have done it without her hard work, her positive energy and the support of her family, obviously.

  The young girls that take part in Femi Memorial Outreach Fund’s tutoring program can be the next Miss America. This is why we are out here doing what we love to do. Reaching out to children who come from multicultural and underserved communities warms our heart so much. We do this because we see potential in them. We don’t want them to think that their financial background or where they come from should define them and their futures. People like us give them hope, education is essential in this world and Femi Memorial Outreach Fund does its very best to make sure that these children are getting that and more. In reality, we are tutoring our future doctors, lawyers, business professionals, famous sports players and even Miss America!

 So, Nina Davuluri, Femi Memorial Outreach Fund wants to wish you the very best and don’t let us down. We know that you will create great paths as Miss America and you, my friend, have shown little girls that dreams do come true. Your beauty, talents and humility are key to being Miss America. Thank you for never forgetting where you come from! Oh and New York congrats, next time we'll see if the Windy City can have a Miss America.
   So World, what do you think? Please leave positive comments below and tell us what you think Nina Davuluri should accomplish during her term as Miss America.

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