Friday, February 24, 2012

Keeping up the Tutor Mentor Connection

If you guys have been keeping up with our posts, you'd know that I mention the Tutor Mentor Institute more than any other organization. When I started working seriously with Femi Memorial Outreach, my first big non-profit conference was sponsored by the Tutor Mentor Institute. I think I learned more in that one, activity packed, day than I had in my first month as an administrator and program developer.

Many of our readers might not know this, but I'm only a college-student. So submerging myself in the culture of non-profits was both overwhelming and exhilarating. There is so much to learn, and so many obstacles to tackle. As a newcomer to the non-profit game, I'm sure the more well-seasoned participants roll their eyes at my naivete. Of course it's hard! The giant obstacles inherent in a non-profit are also what make it so dynamic. And, there's always someone out there more experienced and wiser to give you some advice.

Example: Here is the latest set of videos put out by the Tutor Mentor Institute and Becoming We The People. Taken from a panel discussion in Hyde Park, a couple of non-profit "experts" gave advice while participating in a panel on obstacles in non-profit business. Take a look.

You can find more here, as well as on Dan Bassil's, founder of the Tutor Mentor Institute, blog.

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