Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome Back!

As Fall approaches, everyone (myself included) starts to think about the school year ahead. As I maneuver my way through the school supply aisle of Target and see the familiar pens, pencils, notebooks, and academic planners, I cannot help but get elated at the thought of, well honestly, heading back to school.

For Chicago, the beginning of the year means welcoming back over 400,000 thousands students and nearly 40,000 employees. For me, school starting means my last year as an undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago and a return to Femi Memorial Outreach after a hiatus studying abroad. For Femi Memorial Outreach, it means another year of doing its absolute best to reach out to students so they don’t fall between the cracks.  For tutors, it means doing our best to connect with our students so they can get that extra little momentum to get through the school year with greater understanding.  For students, it means a new classroom, grade, teacher, and hopefully a year full of potential learning.

A new school year ushers in change and possibility; the chance to improve upon oneself and to start one’s story over if their slate was once tarnished.  A new school year brings endless possibilities for personal growth and academic success.  Can’t you see why I have always greeted new school years with exuberance?

As I approach this year, I intend to deliberately and intentionally appreciate this opportunity. It is my last “new school year” at least until I decide to go to law school or graduate school.  Being at the end or at least a pause in my academic journey makes me incredibly grateful for these continual beginnings.  I know that myself and the other tutors are excited for this beginning as well. We intend to inspire the same excitement in our students as we help them in these crucial weeks. 

I wish everyone a lovely return to school!

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