Friday, December 14, 2012

Why You Should Get Involved!

Schools provide many benefits for their students. The academic curriculum is only the beginning in the importance of attending school. Some of the best advice I have ever received about school is to get involved. Getting involved in extracurricular activities truly strengthens a student’s ability to grow on a mental, academic, and personal scale. Extracurricular activities give you a chance to explore a creative, physical, social, or career related side to yourself. You are given a chance to shine outside of the classroom. The variety of extracurricular activities ranges from varsity to club sports, competitive to just-for-fun clubs, internships, and much more. I personally believe that becoming involved in activities outside of the classroom has given me a chance to put my academic work to use. I joined clubs in my career field, which gave me a chance to see my lessons play out in the real world. I was able to join cheerleading at a young age, which formed my social skills far beyond what my shy personally would have been capable to achieve solely in the classroom. Aside from my personal experiences in joining extracurricular activities, it has been proven that the additional involvement is necessary for students. has an informative article stating many benefits including the social expansion, physical gains, and decrease in potential for forming bad habits.

So, now that you know the benefits you might be wondering how you can get involved, or get your child involved, in an extracurricular activity? We believe you should find a school-based activity that fits the passions and needs of yourself or your student. There are numerous amounts of national clubs branched at school’s around the nation along with programs unique to each school. Contact your school and sign up for Newsletters to keep updated on any new opportunities. Most importantly, if you are not finding the extra commitment to be helpful, do not be afraid to keep trying. It is common for students to try many different clubs before sticking to one; it is part of the growing experience involved in after-school activities.

Femi Memorial Outreach is an academic based after-school program. We provide our students with a chance to get extra help on their homework in a positive environment. Our tutors are educated and experienced students from Loyola University Chicago, Dominican University, and the University of Chicago. Our twelve locations are spread throughout the North, West, and South sides of Chicago in order to accommodate as many students as possible. We hope to empower students to see their own potential inside and outside of the classroom. Our students come from at-risk and immigrant backgrounds. This provides students for a chance to get the help they need and make friends who may have similar situations as they do. Although we are academically based, our program strives to turn the lives of our students around.

Femi Outreach is just one example of the many great extracurricular activities available to students around Chicago. We wish that each student will take action and get involved in something positive and fun! 

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