Monday, January 14, 2013

27th Ward Fundraising Event

On Thursday, November 6th I had the honor of participating in the 27th Ward Fundraising Event at the Billy Goat Tavern located here, in Chicago. I met a lot of great leaders and life-changing people from that District and I really learned a lot from them. It was a great opportunity to see how much hard work pays off and to see the great projects that these people come together and work to get it done. Beyond the fact of being able to participate in this event, it was a great pleasure meeting Jesse White. That’s right, I said it! I met the Secretary of State. Who would’ve thought that I would’ve met Jesse White, because I sure didn’t.  For many of you who do not know him, he is not only a serious and caring man, but he is just very. He knows how to light up a room with his jokes.

Besides being Star Struck by meeting Jesse White, I had the opportunity of taking some pictures with him and talking about Femi Memorial Outreach Center. I shared with him the great progress that Femi Memorial Outreach Center has made from the time I started working for this organization four years ago. I shared with him the great opportunities that Femi Memorial Outreach Center offers not only to children within various communities, but to University students, as well. I believe that Femi Memorial Outreach Center works to educate and working with these children over the past three and a half years, allowed me to educate myself as well. I was honored in sharing with Jesse White the hard work that Femi Memorial Outreach Center has done and seeing the hard work pay off every single day through the children we provide help to in various communities of the North, West and South sides of Chicago. Although Jesse White and I spoke briefly about Femi Memorial Outreach Center, seeing the look on his face and how amazed he was in the things this organization has done really reminded me of how proud I am to be a part of positive growth and change. He was so amazed that he wanted to help out in any way he can, he let me know that if the organization needed anything, Femi Memorial Outreach Center should contact him.

Not only did I share information about Femi Memorial Outreach Center to Jesse White, but I had the great opportunity of sharing it with some Attorneys and Leaders of the 27th Ward. They, too, seem delighted with all the hard work that Femi Memorial Outreach Center has done and accomplished. They were truly amazed to see such an organization stand strong to this very day and expanding throughout the Chicago land area. The excitement of talking about Femi Memorial Outreach Center has spread and Attorneys there were recruiting their friends to hear what I had to say. To hear them say, “Wow”, made me even more proud of being a part of Femi Memorial Outreach Center. With that being said, I did also have a lot of fun and shared a lot of laughs with some of the great leaders of Chicago. I enjoyed eating Billy Goat Tavern’s burgers for the very first time and meeting new people. An opportunity like this one couldn’t be surpassed and I am so glad that I was able to share the many great things Femi Memorial Outreach Center has accomplished throughout my years working for this organization and meeting new people, including The Jesse White. I am proud to be a part of Femi Memorial Outreach Center and I will always speak of it proudly.
Here are some pictures from the night, I know they are blurry, but we want to share the experience with our awesome readers. Next time, we will bring a better camera!

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