Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime Sunshine

Summertime is here….Well not quite yet! It’s summer in Florida, that’s for sure, but in Chicago, Burrrrrrr. Let’s just say the weather just doesn’t know what it wants, yet. And we can’t forget the fact that the Chicago Public School students are still in school. Don’t worry, tomorrow is their last day until they are free for summer vacation. Summer is the perfect time for them to relax. I mean we are talking waterparks and amusement parks, swimming pools, tanning, barbeques, movies and no homework? Oh, they’re excited!
They must be super excited for this school year to come to an end for it has been pretty rocky for them. We know the strike that was held earlier in the school year has taken a toll on them and their learning; however they fought through that no matter what. With so many schools closing in the Chicagoland area, a lot of students are hesitant on where they’re going to be or what the future looks like. It’s a scary thought and scary thoughts shouldn’t be in their heads. They’re young and they have their whole lives ahead of them.
            What makes Femi Memorial Outreach Fund proud of these students is the fact that they fought through the obstacles of the Chicago Public School system no matter what. The strike, the Chief of the Chicago Public School system stepping down, and needless to say, the many school closings that are pending are all the obstacles they’ve dealt within one academic year…One Year. However, their ambition, dedication and hard work have paid off and will pay off, if they haven’t seen any results yet. Staying in school has become an important aspect of one’s life…No? Well, Femi Memorial Outreach Fund believes that it has and we are glad to be the ones to help provide supplemental education after-school, especially in the struggling communities.
We know a lot of parents are struggling with this new system that has been placed because they feel that it’s unfair and will be harder for them and their child(ren). We don’t want them to feel that way. Femi Memorial Outreach Fund wants to let them know that we understand that the future may look a little bit blurry as of right now, but it is all for the best. Everything happens for a reason and if your child(ren) has to transfer due to their school closing for good, support them. Support them because it is just as hard on you as it is on them. Let them know that the building, the art, and the area doesn’t make the child’s education, it’s the actual learning that matters. All in all we are hoping for the very best. We hope that this decision is the best and puts the children first.
With that being said, what do you think about the many school closings? Please leave your comments below; we’d really like to hear your take on this.

Oh and Happy Summer! 

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