Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"We Kane, We Shaw, We Crawford"

How ‘bout those Chicago Blackhawks last night! *Cheering* Don’t mind the title, I was on twitter the night the Chicago Blackhawks claimed the title, Stanley Cup Champions, and saw someone posted a tweet as in the title. I thought it was the perfect phrase for this blog, if you’re out there reading this and you came up with that phrase, I give you credit. I mean, it is the best phrase I’ve seen yet. “We Kane, We Shaw, We Crawford”, talk about creative. I hope they make t-shirts out of these.

Anyway, let’s start talking about how proud we are of our Chicago Blackhawks. After three long years of hard-work and drive, the Blackhawks takes the Stanley Cup again. That’s right, I said it, again! I mean the Boston Bruins have done a tremendous job last night and let me tell you, they are not sore losers, that’s for sure. Even though they did not take home the cup last night, let us take a moment of silence and honor them because it was a great game and they did not go without a fight. Now, let us take a moment of silence and honor the Chicago Blackhawks. Who am I kidding, cheer on my friends, cheer on! The Blackhawks really did their thing last night. They made us all proud and I am sure they are overly excited right now. I’m most definitely sure that they couldn’t have done it without their drive and ambition, their awesome coach, and let’s not forget the amazing fans. I mean Chicago has the best supporters in North America, do you not agree?

The greatest thing about Chicago is our pride. It’s times like these where we value life. As you can see, last night was a perfect time for everyone to come together and cheer for that one team. Many yells were yelled, many friends were made, but at the end of the day, Chicago came together for one night. We came together and supported our team. You see how support really has an effect on the game. I mean WOW! For a minute last night, I really did think that the Boston Bruins were going to be our Stanley Cup Champions, but my goodness did the Blackhawks work. At the end of the day, one player doesn’t make a team; it takes a team to play the game and a team to win. Chicago made one huge team last night and that included the fans, supporters, the coach and the actual Chicago Blackhawks team.

I remember watching the news last night and seeing a lot of fans who were very young. A lot of young boys were so proud to see their team win the championship. When you see that, you can tell how much support affects the young children. The Blackhawks gave it their all last night and they showed it to many young boys and girls. They made way for the younger generation. They show them that dreams do come true, but it takes time, dedication, effort and support.  I know the Blackhawks love the kids and want to set a great path for them. It really makes me proud to see how there are good people out there looking ahead for the future of the children. It’s not about Kane or Crawford or the Blackhawks team, it’s all about the future. If the Blackhawks keeps this up, the future is looking mighty nice right now.

As we honor the Chicago Blackhawks for a season’s worth of ambition and triumph, let us not forget the future. So celebrate and have fun at the Blackhawks parade on Friday, but remember your jobs, your family and your life because your decisions contribute to your future.

Congrats Chicago Blackhawks! We look forward to more Stanley Cup Championships!

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